We are Hard to Measure.

We specialize in thermoplastic molding of high performance polymers, but we have the in-house capabilities and partnerships to tackle even the most complex projects. We have a talented engineering department for project development, a knowledgeable machining staff for effortless production, and a state of the art facility that can grow and adapt as quickly as needed at our fingertips. Our molding capabilities are only limited by the depths of our customers imaginations.



Press Capabilities

Most molding facilities specialize in a specific type of polymer molding, but our 35,000 square foot production facility allows us ample space for a multitude of transfer, compression, and injection molding machines. We were born in the oil and gas industry, but we aren’t pinned down to one type of polymer. Let's explore new options with you today.


Production Molding

We have the staff and equipment on hand to keep up with even the most demanding production runs.

developmental molding

A large portion of our business comes from custom fabricated parts. We are the premier US molder when it comes to rapid development of first article or research parts. No-one can take you through design, development, implementation, and production more efficiently or faster than Nialti Manufacturing.


Our machine shop’s primary role is to support and augment our molding processes with laser cutting, CNC lathe work, CNC mill work, Hi-Def Plasma work, and various other critical components in custom fabrication. We may not be a production machine facility, but we have the equipment to tackle any task.


A True Turn-key Experience

At Nialti, we take just as much care putting a bow on our products as they are shipped from our facility, as we do in their actual production. From start to finish, every aspect of our processes are monitored and controlled with exacting precision.


mold repair.jpg

Quality Control

We conform to a rigorous and comprehensive Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental program that can be adapted to adhere to the most stringent of requirements.

Extruder of polyethylene for process production of plastic bags.jpg

Product Testing

Through our developed partnerships, we can provide a wide variety of first article product testing, as well as field based application testing.

inside plastics injection machine.jpg

Engineering and Design

Everyone needs a hand sometimes, and our knowledgeable staff will gladly help with any engineering and design questions/needs that might arise.